School Based Social Support

Often times, children are successful within 1:1 interactions with another child or adult. Often times parents and teachers will report that groups can be more challenging! They are! Within a group there are many ideas, expectations and shifts in play to manage. Therapists will integrate with children during social times at school (recess, lunch, snack time, learning centers) and support them in flexible thinking, collaborative group play, initiating play and later becoming integrated within a group.

Therapeutic Companion

For some children, they may benefit from having a support person accompany them for a portion (or sometimes the entire length) of the school day. Therapists are available to help students to emotionally regulate, join in play and social activities, learn in a typical classroom environment and feel comfortable and safe at school.

Social Groups

Summer social cognition groups are determined based on need and appropriate developmental stage. We are very careful to match students so as to ensure they get the most out of the group. The curriculum is based on Social Thinking. We will explore thinking with your eyes, whole body listening, flexible and inflexible thinking, making a smart guess, and the hidden rules of conversation and interacting.

Home Based Play Therapy

Therapists provide at home support to give parents strategies and tools to help their children to develop and foster healthy play and regulatory skills.